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We are proud of the relationships we have with our patients and also with our professional peers. We are grateful for them all!

Patient Testimonial 


I went to you because you were a neighbor and seemed to be a nice enough guy. What I found, was an extraordinarily gifted dentist.

Your professionalism, humanism and ability are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for being there for me.


Patient Testimonial 


Steven DuBoff offers a bonus that I have never experienced with any other dentist. His philosophy is prevention and consistency. No temporary quick fixes in his practice but thats not the bonus. The bonus is that he is simply enjoyable, sincere and a genuinely good person that transcends dentistry and I have always looked forward to every one of my visits.

Dental Lab Testimonial 


Having the opportunity to work with many dentists throughout the country, it is a pleasure to work with such a talented caring and knowledgeable office. Dr. Duboff and his staff are unquestionably the office to meet your dental needs.

Don Van Hook
Van Hook Dental Studio

Dentist Testimonial


Drs. Lynn and Steve DuBoff acquired  my practice in July 2009. I'm extremely pleased with the competent and caring service my
patients have received from them.

Their level of skill and compassionate approachis a breath of fresh air and I'm proud to not only be professionally associated with them but also to
consider them friends.

Dr. Tom Gallivan, Jr.

Dentist Testimonial


I have known Dr. Steven DuBoff for 10 years and in my experience he is the best practitioner of esthetics and functional dentistry that I have witnessed as a teacher or a dentist.  His training in this exacting disciplines of dental practice has been extensive and long term.  You as a patient COULD NOT BE IN BETTER HANDS.

Dr. Marc Paley, D.D.S.
Clinical professor of prosthetics at Fairleigh Dickinson University Dental School - 21 years
Private practice in New York & New Jersey - 40 years.

Patient Testimonial


It started two years ago for a routine initial evaluation and cleaning. I had moved from New Jersey to Vermont and had no dentist. Good fortune generally follows me and such was the case when Steven DuBoff became my dentist. Dr. DuBoff instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed because in addition to being thorough and knowledgeable, he is comfortable and relaxed in what he does. I never felt rushed. He always patiently took the time to explain all procedures whether major or minor. This brings me to the dental implant procedure. In laypersons terms, an artificial tooth is rooted so that in time the tooth resembles...a tooth. Prior to the surgery, Steven DuBoff was careful and detailed in his planning. He explained how I would most likely feel, the recuperative process and options. He offered me no less than the care he would want for himself.


198 North Main Street

Rutland, Vermont 05701


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